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Moving House Boxes

Packing Mistakes To Avoid While Moving Houses

While moving a house, you need to think about a list of things. From planning to talking with movers, arranging for packaging materials—there is a lot at stake.

Unlike a trip where you can put things in a bag and be done, a house move requires a lot of other things. You need to think about getting your things safely to your new home. Organised packaging helps to lessen the probability of damage.

Social media surveys show that around 45% of people face issues with their belongings getting damaged while relocating. A big reason for that is careless packaging, poor-quality packing supplies, and packing too heavy.

We get that relocation is expensive. That’s why many of us try to buy fewer packing materials. Many homeowners simply get second-hand delivery boxes from local stores and use old newspapers. While this is a budget-friendly idea, it does compromise the safety of your belongings.

A good way to buy high-quality packing supplies is to buy from a packaging supplier like Wellpack Europe. They have moving kits that come with all the essentials — house moving boxes, packing tapes, bubble wrap rolls, etc.

Another major issue with house moving is getting a trusted moving company. A moving company is responsible for getting your things safe into the new house. So, it requires workforce, transport, and other costs as well.

Sometimes you may come across an unbelievably good deal. While discounts sound tempting, it isn’t a smart decision always. Going for the lowest quote solely could also mean worse services. Murky deals can lead to items getting stolen, broken, or damaged due to rough handling. Look for customer reviews and talk to people before booking a mover. You can also ask for references on social media community pages.

Need some more advice on house moving? Scroll down below and learn from the infographic!

Packing Mistakes Infographic

Infographic From Wellpack Europe.

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